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fundsforNGOs Premium is a membership-based service for NGOs, Development Practitioners and Fundraisers seeking to find New Donors, receive regular Grant Updates, develop New Skills for Resource Mobilization, and more!

For a Limited Time, we are offering this introductory discount for you to access the best tools and resources for your NGO!

What are you going to Get from this Membership Service?


fundsforNGOs Premium Members are special and so, they receive the information about grant opportunities on a priority basis. With early grants, you will not only be able prepare yourself for submitting your proposal on time but will remain ahead of your competitors.


When you sign in as a Premium Member, you are greeted with a clean, ad-free Member Dashboard. The Member Dashboard personalizes your preferences by offering grant information including upcoming deadlines and other resources based on your country or location.


This is another exclusive feature for our Premium Members. Our list of latest funding opportunities can be filtered by country and area of interest so that you can quickly view what is relevant to you and start applying for them.

Sample Proposals


Our collection of Sample Proposals from successful grantees around the world serves as a ready reference for our Premium Members planning projects and submitting proposals to donor agencies.

Job Opportunities


We also have a section dedicated to Job opportunities around the world. Premium Members can access listings of new job opportunities and search and receive information about job updates by country and area of work.


You don't have to struggle searching for relevant grants for your NGO. We have Specific Grant Alerts where members can customize the type of funding alerts they wish to receive in their email inboxes based on their country/countries and area/s of interest.


We research, compile and publish Ebooks on a range of topics covering fundraising, proposal writing, donor listings, grant resources and NGO management. In this online library, you can download new and archived Ebooks whenever you like.


Never miss a grant deadline. fundsforNGOs Premium offers a calendar overview of all upcoming grant opportunities throughout the year. A wonderful tool to keep track of funding announcements.


The Grants Map offers a map view of the various grant opportunities open in real time. You can easily navigate through this map and click on your country or other countries of interest and identify all the open grants available.


Premium Members get assured response from our highly supportive Customer Care team. From your fundraising questions to access issues to technical problems, all of these will be attended by our team to give you a great experience.


If you are fed up of randomly searching grants and donors on Google, hopping from one website to another without any real success, then you should check out our Premium Member Dashboard that offers a simple, elegant and useful interface with the latest and most important updates developed according to your requirements. The Dashboard is loaded with a quick option to search opportunities based on your Country and Areas of Interest, the Upcoming Deadlines section, Newly added Ebooks and Sample Proposals and your very own personalized 'My Favorites' section where you can save all the useful information

Member Dashboard

A Personalized Member Dashboard welcoming you to the latest grant opportunities and upcoming deadlines for your Country. Use Quick Opportunities Search Option to learn about new grants based on your Area/s of Interest. 


As a Premium Member, you can start searching for funding opportunities from the Premium Member Dashboard. The highly filtered search enables you to find opportunities based on your Country and Area/s of Interest. With this option, you can find both open and closed opportunities.


The Premium Member Dashboard has been developed to give personalized attention to your choices. Whether it is learning about new opportunities or upcoming deadlines, they will be listed on the Dashboard whenever you sign so that you can always remain informed.


With such an abundance of information, it is not easy to keep track of relevant things you have noted down. That is why, we have introduced the 'My Favorites' feature where you can easily save the most useful piece of information so that you can come back later anytime to review it.


When you learn about a new grant that perfectly fits your work, do you think you will have enough time to apply? What if there are just a few weeks or even a few days left before the deadline closes for the grant. You have no time to conduct research for your proposed project. No time to even write a proper concept note. So, that is why, you need to know about your grant on time. As a Premium Member, you get information about grants earlier than our free users. When information reaches you on time, you will not only able to submit your proposal early but also remain ahead of others.

Early Grant Information

Early Grant Alerts reaching you by email will not only help you in preparing your proposal in great detail but also it will keep you ahead of your competition


Identifying relevant grant opportunities and like-minded donor agencies is not enough. In fact, it is just the beginning. You then need to develop a compelling concept note and a complex project proposal to drive the attention of your potential donor. You need mind-breaking ideas, successful best practices and practical lessons learned to integrate them within your project proposal. Where will you get them from? That is why, we have developed this collection of Sample Proposals so that you can easily use them as a reference. Besides, these sample proposals have been submitted by successful grantees around the world which will help you understand what guarantees a funded proposal for your organization.

Our Database of Sample Proposals will not only kickstart your project ideas but also offer as a point of reference to understand how other successful proposals are written and submitted for assured success.

Sample Proposals


Our Sample Proposals Database has a large collection of proposals from NGOs and individuals from around the world. These proposals will help Premium Members in learning about successful projects and replicate best practices.


In your work, you may know what the problem is and you what the solution is, but still you are struggling to develop your own concept for a proposal. Our Sample Proposals will easily help you with this process by kickstarting your ideas.


We have Sample Proposals from all across the world, representing every region. With hundreds of them listed and added by users, you can easily search the one you want to view by simply selecting the Country and Area of your work.


Fundraising is not just about raising funds but it is also about improving your overall processes, management and capacity of your organization. If you have a better system in your organization, donor agencies will take more interest in supporting your work. Our Online Library has a variety of Downloadable Ebooks covering a range of topics including fundraising and organizational development. 

Download Ebooks

We have a huge library of Downloadable Ebooks, covering a range of how-to topics from fundraising, proposal writing, grant listings, donor listings to NGO management.


Only fundsforNGOs Premium Members can download our rich library of ebooks which seeks to empower NGOs and individuals with knowledge, skills and resources for successfully raising funds for their work.


We undertake tremendous research in identifying the interests of our premium members and developing tools and resources and upload them on a regular basis in our online library.


The Downloadable Ebooks cover information about how to write proposals, how to develop budgets, how to build your social media reputation, how to develop your NGO policies, how to organize fundraising strategies and more.

Your Download will be in Progress when you sign up

Proposal Writing Downloads

Top 25 Tips to Write Proposals Effectively
Framing Goals and Objectives
Logical Framework Analysis
Gold Tips for Writing Proposals
How to Frame a Successful Proposal
Hiring a Proposal Writer
Funding Application Process
Proposal Writing Basics

Research and Development

How NGOs can Prepare Themselves for Donor Visits
Where can NGOs look for Research Grants?
How to Research and Identify Donors
Gold Tips for Writing Proposals

Promotion and Management

Strategic Planning for NGOs
How to Start and Build a Successful NGO
Financial Management Basics for NGOs
Monitoring and Evaluation

Social Media

How NGOs can use Facebook
Selecting Social Media Platforms
How to Create a Social Media Strategy
Email Etiquette

New NGOs and Startups

How can Your Volunteers help you in Raising Funds?
How to write a Case for Support

Donors and Donors

Top Global Donors for Social Justice
Corporate Donors
UN Agencies and Programs
Top Global Donors for Social Justice
Great Arab Donors
Corporate Donors
UN Agencies and Programs
Top Global Donors for Social Justice

How to Fundraise

Guide to Gates Foundation
Mastering the Art of Donor Cultivation
Fundraising Follow-up with Donors
How to not to Impress a Donor

And many more other downloadable resources


Receiving updates via email about new and upcoming funding opportunities from time to time is a great boon in today's Information Age. But what if most of these updates do not match up to your area of work or even to your country. That is why, we have introduced Specific Funding Alerts where you can customize the type of email messages you wish to receive. Whether it is by country/countries and area/s of interest, just select the ones you want and our system will automatically deliver relevant information to your email inbox from time to time. 

Premium members receive regular funding alerts by email, informing them about new opportunities as they become available. And more importantly, you can customize these alerts based on your Country/Countries and Area/s of Interest

Funding Alerts


With Country-specific Funding Alerts, you can customize to receive emails only about funding opportunities for your country. If your organization is working in multiple countries, you can also configure your settings to receive funding alerts for up to 10 countries at a time.


You can further customize your Funding Alerts by the Area/s of your Work or Interest. Whether you are working on human rights, education, environment, healthcare or any other area, you can select up to 10 topics and receive alerts only for them in your email.


Apart from customizing Specific Funding Alerts, you also receive any relevant updates about opportunities which you should not miss. These updates are handpicked by our research team to ensure that useful information reaches you on time and keep you updated.


Learning about new job opportunities and understanding about job requirements in other organizations are an essential part of international development. Premium Members can access job information and also customize job alerts (coming soon) based on their country and area/s of work so that relevant information keeps reaching out to them.

Premium Members have full access to our updated and searchable Jobs Database where you can view jobs based on your Country and Your Area of Profession

Jobs Database


This is another special feature for our Premium Members. You can view open grants in real-time for many countries around the world in a map view. This live map constantly updates itself with grants opened up in every corner of the world. Simply click on the Country of your choice and you can learn about the open grants there.

Grants Map


When you use all these features, you are likely to have questions. That is why, we have a dedicated customer support team to not only answer your questions but also offer you advice on matters difficult for you to organize. If you are struggling to find grants or donors for a particular issue, then you can write to us at our Help section and our team will research and provide you the information.

When you start using our Membership Service, we will ensure that you get the full support for whatever questions you have. We have a dedicated Customer Ticket Support System to answer all your queries. 



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After going through years of financial struggles that almost made our organisation totally collapse, we are so proud that through fundsForNGOs our income levels increased for more than 200% which made us fulfil the planned programs for 2018.

Theological Education By Extension

We applied for EU EIDHR programme twice after hearing about the CfPs via the fundsforNGOs and both the times, we have received the funding.

The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture

I have been able to learn how to profile my organization, how to find funding opportunities and how to package fundraising information. Out of this profiling and packaging knowledge, I have been able to secure $10,000 grant for three years.

Otto Benecker Foundation


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