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Are you Stuck with Your Fundraising?

No new Donors available? Not able to find more Grant Opportunities? Finding it difficult to write Proposals? Need more Training on how to Raise Funds? Searching for an Expert Fundraiser?

Get Everything You Need to Fundraise Successfully

Join FundsforNGOs Premium

FundsforNGOs Premium is a membership-based service for NGOs, development practitioners and fundraisers seeking to find new donors, receive regular grant updates, develop new skills for resource mobilization, interact with international experts on fundraising and more!

Why Choose FundsforNGOs Premium Membership?

Exclusive Access

FundsforNGOs Premium is an exclusive service where Premium Members get access to a range of resources and features to ease their process of fundraising.

Built by Fundraisers

FundsforNGOs Premium is built by an international team of experienced fundraisers who regularly interact and identify gaps in the business of fundraising

Regularly Updated

We regularly update FundsforNGOs Premium with the latest information for your ongoing needs.


FundsforNGOs Premium will help you save time and money in your fundraising research.

What do you get with fundsforNGOs Premium?

If you actively search for new donors, look to gain skills for successful fundraising, and wish to receive latest grant information then fundsforNGOs Premium is for YOU!

Specific Grant Alerts

FundsforNGOs Premium Members receive specific grant alerts by email based on your location and countries of interest. This unique feature enables you to configure your mail settings find grants most useful to you. Additionally, the Premium Latest Funding Opportunities Page allows you to filter grant information based not only on your country but also on your work area of interest.

Calendar of Upcoming Grant Opportunities

Never miss a grant deadline. FundsforNGOs Premium offers a calendar overview of all upcoming grant opportunities throughout the year. A wonderful tool to keep track of funding announcements.

FundsforNGOs Premium has Powerful Search Features

  • Search for Donors that Match Your Interests 100%
  • Search by Country 100%
  • Search by Your Area of Work 100%
  • Also, Full Site-Wide search for Past and Upcoming Grant Opportunities & Other Resources 100%
Where can I find donors and grants for my NGO?

Donor Database

Donor Search
Bilateral Donor Search
Opportunity Search

With the fundsforNGOs Premium Donor Database, you can find new donors in three easy steps!

Step 1: Search

Select criteria matching your priorities

We make searching for potential donors quick and easy. The Database contains an easy to use search feature to quickly determine which donor agencies share the thematic and geographic priorities of your organization. Search through hundreds of search criteria to narrow down results and expedite your research process.

Step 2: Select

Browse through our profiles to determine your best matches.

Quickly browse through the location and priorities of donor agencies that may fit your organization. Our Database makes it easy for international organizations worldwide to quickly see where opportunities are, giving you the necessary information to point your fundraising campaign in the right direction. We make navigating complicated and disjointed international funding sources simple.

Step 3: Research

Begin your in-depth research with our easily accessible information

The Premium donor Database is a regularly updated and searchable database with profiles of international institutional donors. Our profiles are concise with the just the right information you need to launch your fundraising research. Profiles contain:

  • Donor’s mission
  • Geographic funding priorities
  • Thematic funding priorities
  • Financial Data
  • Application information
  • Contact information

NEW Bilateral Donor Database

The Bilateral Donor Database (Beta) for FundsforNGOs Premium Members makes navigating complicated and disjointed government sources simple. This time-saving tool adds dozens of additional government donors with aid budgets of over $100 billion annually.

Bilateral Donor List

Download Premium Resource Guides

Sign up for FundsforNGOs Premium and access our downloadable library with hundreds of guides with information on wide-ranging topics such as top donor agencies, funding opportunities, fundraising tips, proposal writing, and NGO management.

The FundsforNGOs Guide on Basic Proposal Writing

The FundsforNGOs Guide on Proposal Writing Basics

The complete “how-to” for everything proposal-related

This 100+ page guide provides comprehensive information on the essentials of proposal  writing for local grassroots NGOs in developing countries, international development workers, and professional fundraisers alike.

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your NGO

This guide will enable you to audit your exisiting social media accounts, determine your audience, and break down how you can accomplish your goals, step by step.

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your NGO
Top International Donors supporting Youth

Top International Donors supporting Youth Development and Involvement Programs

In this downloadable resource guide we have created a list of donors supporting the development of youth worldwide through funding programs.

How Your NGO Can Share Its Stories

Sharing your NGO’s work in stories makes donors more generous,  gives readers a complete picture of what you do, and also gives your data a second life. This downloadable guide will help you learn the process of storytelling for NGOs.

How Your NGO can share stories
Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation: Developing NGOs

In this resource guide, you will learn about the monitoring and evaluation process, including the benefits of having a good M&E system in place.

A List of Corporate Donors supporting NGOs

There are various corporations worldwide that have provided a significant contribution to uplift the lives of underserved people in developing countries. In this resource guide, we have created a list of such corporate donors worldwide.

Corporate Donors
Building Long-term Relationship with Donors

Donor Relation Management

Building long-term relationships with donors

This guide will help you learn the basics of donor relations management. You will learn the importance of simple steps that will help you engage with new donors and keep those contacts active.

Hiring a Proposal Writer for Your Organization

A well-written proposal largely determines the sucess of your organization in getting the required funding. It is thus important for you to develop proposals that are technically sound and professionally written. In this resource, we will explain how you can hire a proposal writer.

Hiring a Proposal Writer

And Hundreds of Other Resource Guides for You to Download!

Training Videos

Full-length training videos by international fundraising experts to teach you how to successfully raise funds.

Live Webinars

We organize regular LIVE webinars for NGOs and development practitioners on topics related to fundraising. Every new Premium member receives an invitation on demand to attend one live webinar. All other webinars are FREE to Premium members as a recording.

          1. Each webinar is a LIVE online trainig session running up to 90 minutes

        2. In our webinars, you can pose questions to the trainers and get answers instantly

        3. Our webinars will help you discover new techniques to improve your fundraising

        4. Each webinar comes with a useful resource guide and downloadable presentation slideshow

        5. Every webinar is recorded and you can view it again and again after the live event is over

          6. Get follow-up support from the trainers after the live event is over

Ask questions directly to our fundraising experts

Is your fundraising strategy headed in the right direction?

Do you need answers but are not sure where to turn for advice?

Do you have specific questions relating to NGO strategic planning , donor research, proposal writing, or other topics related to your NGO’s work?

Attend our mothly Ask the Expert sessions! Our expert fundraisers will answer your fundraising questions in our LIVE 60-minute online question and answer session.

Ask the Expert sessions are held every month FREE only for fundsforNGOs Premium Members

Are You Struggling to Find Ideas for Proposal Writing?

FundsforNGOs Premium has an exclusive collection of sample proposals from successful grantees around the world. Gathered from experienced organizations worldwide, our database of sample proposals is a rich reference for those struggling to develop new proposals and reduces your search time for references online.



Customer Support

For any pre-sales or post-sales service, we have a dedicated customer support team. You simply need to click on the ‘Help’ icon or reach us out here to ask any question regarding your membership. We respond to support requests as fast as possible. From payment issues to accessing premium features to connecting with our experts, our team is here to provide all the support you need as a member.

“FundsforNGOs is one of the best investments I have ever made in my life. They make my fundraising job so easy…I would say they have helped raise about $3 million.”

Shajalal, Independent Consultant

“It is a pleasure working with such a dedicated and efficient organization working to make the world a better place.”

Nelson, RIMAI

“FundsforNGOs is a great and unique resource for NGOs from all over the world. I obtain so much information from their e-mails, and this information helps a lot.”

Alexander, Arctic Development Foundation

“FundsforNGOs is the only organization which provides information on not just funding opportunities but also resources on how to strengthen the capacities of development organizations. They really understand NGOs and what their needs are.”

Subhash, Centre for Action Research and People’s Development

“I use FundsforNGOs every single day. They keep me informed of the latest funding opportunities around the world – something that is vital for an organization like ours.”

Susan, Women’s Centers International

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my FundsforNGOs Premium membership?

FundsforNGOs Premium is an exclusive, cost-effective way to access a broad range of funding information and resources through one easy-to-use website. As a Premium Member you will get access to a donor database with thousands of donor profiles, funding alerts, a fundraising resource library, funding calendar, sample proposals, training videos, webinar rebroadcasts, and much more.

Why is FundsforNGOs Premium a paid service?

For nearly a decade, FundsforNGOs has offered free resources through Our free website continues to benefit millions of organizations around the world. We developed FundsforNGOs Premium to help users easily identify great donors and increase fundraising capacity. Membership fees cover the cost of operating and improving this service.

Will our organization get grants after signing up for FundsforNGOs Premium?

FundsforNGOs does not arrange funding nor do we guarantee funding success. Our objective is to increase the capacity of NGOs to raise funds by providing skills and knowledge. Our members use these resources to fundraise more efficiently, and many members have reported successfully receiving grants.

Which Plan should I register for?

While both Plans offer the same Premium features, as part of our social mission we want to encourage the involvement of grassroots and local NGOs from the developing world. We do this by granting discounted membership to Premium members based in developing countries. If you are an INGO or an NGO based/registered in a developed country, we ask you register for the Developed Country Plan – even if your work takes place in an developing country.

Your membership helps support other NGOs that could not otherwise afford Premium membership.

How does my Premium membership renew?

Premium memberships renew on an annual basis. The cost of your membership is locked in when you register and will not increase from year to year.

For online payments, our payment processor will automatically bill your credit card or bank account after one year. You can stop automatic renewal at any time by contacting us here.

In case of off-line payments such as international bank transfer, membership is not automatically renewed. To renew membership in this case, please contact our support team here.

What if I am not satisfied with my Premium membership after signing up?

We understand that different organizations have different needs and we may not be able to satisfy everyone. We offer an unconditional 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Please note that only members who pay online are eligible for a refund. It is not possible to issue a refund to members who pay us via international bank transfer or other off-line method.

Does fundsforNGOs give grants or directly connect Premium members to donors?

No. FundsforNGOs is a social enterprise that provides the resources to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding. We are not a funding organization – we do not provide grants and we do not fundraise or network on your behalf.


What if I have more questions?

We provide more answers to your questions here. The FundsforNGOs Premium customer support team is happy to answer any question you may have. Please click here to reach us.

Plans & Pricing


  • Latest Grants
  • Funding Alerts
  • Donor Database
  • Premium Dashboard
  • Unlimited Search
  • Sample Proposals
  • Calendars
  • Resource Guides
  • Training Videos
  • Complimentary Live Webinar
  • Dedicated Customer Support

Developing Countries

As low as $17 per month
  • Latest Grants
  • Funding Alerts
  • Donor Database
  • Premium Dashboard
  • Unlimited Search
  • Sample Proposals
  • Calendars
  • Resource Guides
  • Training Videos
  • Complimentary Live Webinar
  • Dedicated Customer Support

Developed Countries

As low as $34 per month
  • Latest Grants
  • Funding Alerts
  • Donor Database
  • Premium Dashboard
  • Unlimited Search
  • Sample Proposals
  • Calendars
  • Resource Guides
  • Training Videos
  • Complimentary Live Webinar
  • Dedicated Customer Support

FundsforNGOs Premium Membership is valid for full 12 months starting from the date of sign up. Membership is automatically renewed and can be cancelled anytime. You can read our full Terms of Service here. Contact us.

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